How to donate money

Dear Friends,

if you would like to help us reach our goal, of building a multi faceted athletic complex / community center, you may do so by making a donation within your means to the following financial institution:

INTESTAZIONE: Associazione Forza L'Aquila
CODICE IBAN: IT09W0538703602000000156945
BIC (nessario solo per bonifici effettuati dall'estero): BPMO IT 22XXX
CAUSALE: Name Surname - donate

Our project may be difficult, but we feel it is equally exciting to see what sheer determination and willingness can achieve in regards to the challenges that this wondrous medieval city now faces, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that occurred in the middle of the night on April 6th 2009.
Many are those that have pledged their resources to our cause, and have applauded the resilience of the Aquilani in this difficult moment. To us it is not important the amount that an individual or a corporation donate, what’s important to us is to get as many people as we can involved in the project. Each donation, whether large or small, will be part of the bigger picture: parking lot, reception room, conference hall, athletic field, gymnasium and so on. All of the aforementioned are things that appear far away to those impacted by this natural disaster.

As a way to thank those who make a monetary pledge, our association will be sending a gift. Please see below for the amounts required to receive our merchandising gifts which have been donated by Kappa Sporting Goods.
Kappa is with us to help cement a remembrance of the cause we are fighting for, in order to give Aquilani a chance to surmount the devastation that befell a whole nation on that fateful day.

Thank you for your interest and we remind you that with your participation we will certainly make the difference.

Please follow the instructions listed below:

How to get our gifts? It’easy!

You just need to make a bank transfer, then send an e-mail ( with your name, bank transfer date, CRO number, size, and please state whether you choose to get a t-shirt, collar shirt or sweatshirt and if it’s for male or female.

€uro 100 Sweatshirt.
€uro 60 Collar shirt.
€uro 40 T-shirt .


Avete donato una somma uguale o superiore a 500,00 euro? Troverete allora il vostro nome nell’elenco storico delle donazioni. Un prezioso ringraziamento a coloro che hanno scelto di star vicino all’attività associativa ed al nostro progetto in maniera significativa. L’auspicio è che diventiate sempre di più.


Se qualcuno volesse donare una somma pari o superiore a 500,00 euro riceverà in regalo una felpa ad edizione limitata con il logo dell’associazione e sarà inserito nel nostro speciale elenco delle donazioni.


Potrete anche trovare i nostri regali in occasione di manifestazioni sportive e/o culturali. Solo ed esclusivamente in queste particolari circostanze potrete donare la somma che vorrete a nostri incaricati che, al contempo, vi consegneranno la ricevuta fiscale della donazione effettuata ed il prodotto creato appositamente per Forza L’Aquila. Se non fosse possibile la consegna immediata del nostro regalo lo avrete presso il vostro domicilio.